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As of Monday 12th March 2018 there has been some changes regarding the servicing of all Lifeline fire systems:-


Since a recent update to MSA regulations in the UK, Lifeline have seen a massive influx in the number of systems being sent back to them for service.


Lifeline have reported that a very high percentage of the systems being sent in have never been serviced before, therefore many are finding that their systems don’t comply with Lifeline servicing parameters. Prior to latest news, Lifeline have allowed a system to miss one service (i.e. replacement necessary if more than 4 years without a service).


However, due to the recent upsurge in servicing, Lifeline have been prompted to review their processes to ensure that they, can offer best value and support to competitors using Lifeline products. With this in mind and after further research, Lifeline have announced that they will extend the period of acceptance from the original date of manufacture, or last date of service, to 6 years , this brings their requirements into line with the BS 5306 requirements for a full discharge test.


So, if your bottle has been refused a service in the past, it might be worth re-checking the dates on the serial/service labels. If in doubt, please phone or email your local service centre.