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Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup - Deutsche Fest Report

By unknown, Aug 22 2017 07:03PM


The sun shone down on the hill of Brands Hatch as the cars took to the circuit for the 20 minute qualifying session. Kieran Gordon was first to set a time jumping to the top of the screens breifly before Team Hard’s Bobby Thompson displaced him going seven tenths quicker on his home circuit.

Next to top the session was car 56 of Jamie Bond who was the first driver to break into the 52’s, but was only to stay on top for a few corners as teammate Thompson completed his second flyer going quicker by a mere 0.010 of a second.

The time ticked down as Thompson improved on his provisional pole time increasing his lead margin to two tenths over Bond. Slidesport’s Simon Walton was next to set a representative lap time going second quickest of the session, less than a tenth of the pole time set so far.

Maximum Motorsport’s Tim Docker improved his time on his next rotation placing the white Scirocco seventh with teammate and series points leader current sitting fifth with just five minutes remaining on the clock. A flash of red and black broke the timing beam once more seeing Simon Walton take to the top of the standings displacing Thompson to second as the session started to come to a close.

Allumy’s Tom Walker picked up the pace going eighth fastest as the black smoke churning Scirocco of Darrelle Wilson also improved to sixth with little time left to play with. With a single minute left in the session a banzai lap from Bobby Thompson saw the Essex based racer secure his third pole position so far this season. Simon Walton had to settle for second fastest after not being able to respond to Thompson’s time so late in the session.

Kieran Gordon secured the third fastest time with Tom Witts putting a late time on the board placing his green Scirocco fourth on the grid for the first race. Tom Walker put in an impressive performance to qualify fifth on the grid with second place points holder Jamie Bond setting the sixth quickest time of the session.


The sun began breaking through the clouds once more as Bobby Thompson lined up on pole position for the third time this season, awaiting for the drivers behind to slot into their grid positions. The red lights lit up as the engine notes rose, before flashing off and commencing the first 20 minutes of action around the short 1.2 mile circuit.

Making a tremendous start was the grey golf of Tom Walker, who started from the third row of the grid being followed through by Darelle Wilson, who was also able to make a similar start. Taking to either side of the Scirocco of Kieran Gordon contact was made seeing Gordon spike into Wilson before shooting into the inside barrier taking Walker with him. Jamie Bond arriving at the incident had to take avoiding action from Gordon’s Scirocco as it ricocheted back onto the track.

A safety car was scrambled but the session was to be red flagged with to much debris on the circuit for the race to continue. Wilson and Bond receiving assistance to be dug out the gravel and took back to the pits before returning to the grid for the restart. The race was reduced to 15 minutes due to the delay in clearing the incident as the cars lined up to go racing once more.

Russell Joyce’s Polo was pushed to the pits with starter issues and was push started to enter the green flag lap. All lined up the cars set racing once more. Jamie Bond stalled off the line but joined the back of the field as the cars dove into Paddock Hill bend.

Gravel dust flew once more with Matthew Evans getting it all crossed up at the dip of Paddock, resulting in him ending up beached at the edge of the gravel trap. Bond exiting druids closed in on Joyce ahead pushed the Polo racer into Graham Hill bend seeing Joyce rotating on exit and stalling once more leaving his car stranded on Cooper straight.

The safety car made a second appearance once more collecting the TT of Walton who was able to snatch the lead on the restart. 10 minutes on the clock and the safety car peeled into the pits releasing the field racing again. Thompson not wasting any time undercut Walton exiting Clearways taking the lead into Paddock and also allowing the diesel Scirocco of Wilson through on the run up to Druids.

A recovering Tom Witts who had dropped a few places on the restart began applying pressure on Kenan Dole for fourth, making a move into clearways squeezing past on the inside. Up front Bobby Thompson had began getting away, posting the fastest lap of the race on his way to a maximum points finish. Teammate Jamie Bond recovering from the restart soon found himself behind the Speedworks Polo of Johansen before quickly displacing him by undercutting the polo onto the straight.

Next in line for Bond was Docker, who Bond managed to displace on the inside of clearways a lap later. Another fastest lap from Thompson pushed his lead margin to 4 second heading towards his third victory of the season. One lap remained with Witts now under large pressure from a duo of Team Hard cars behind headed by Dole.

Dole closing in on the straight, managed to get the overlap exiting Paddock on the struggling Witts who was battling damage from the first incident. Heading towards Clearways Witts found Bond on his outside thus compromising his exit and allowing Bond past heading towards Surtees.

The chequered was at the ready and dropped on Bobby Thompson claiming a dominant win with a six second margin back to Darelle Wilson settling for second. Third place was to be secured by Simon Walton with Jamie Bond taking fourth after Kenan Dole was handed a five second penalty for exceeding track limits. Tom Witts finished fifth with Maximum Motorsport teammate Tim Docker taking an impressive sixth place finish as well as the Sportsman Trophy award.


The sun reappeared for the second race of the day seeing a Maximum Motorsport front row lock out on the reverse grid with Tim Docker taking his maiden pole position along side series points leader Tom Witts in second. The lighting gantry lit up before flashing off as the field rushed into turn one with everyone getting a fairly even getaway.

Tom Witts took to the outside of Docker as Jamie Bond cut to the inside getting cleanly past and demoting Docker down the order. The cars raced around Druids seeing Docker take to the outside allowing Dole, Thompon and Wilson by before dropping back down into Graham hill bend.

As the cars broke the timing beam Jamie Bond lined up a run on leader Tom Witts and made it stick down the inside of Paddock before racing on into Druids. Further back saw a change in position with Thompson taking no time to displace Wilson exiting Graham hill for fourth position.

Jamie Bond came around once more setting the fastest lap of the race seemingly getting away from the pack before Thompson crossed the line with a new purple lap. A few laps later Dole found his mirrors full of the Golf of Thompson who had pulled in the gap and was looking for a way to get past his teammate.

Getting a run through Paddock, Thompson took to the inside and past Dole at Druids as Dole slowed with an unfortunate puncture. Thompson soon had his eyes set on the rear bumper of Witts ahead for second place, closing in fast Bobby took to the inside at Paddock under braking and was past on the run up to Druids demoting Witts to third.

Further down the order Tom Walker found himself behind Tim Docker after starting from the seventh row on the grid, quickly displacing him pushing forward trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Next on the rear bumper of Docker was the father son duo of TT’s with Simon making a move around the outside of Druids to snatch the position off Docker.

Back at the front Thompson had closed in on Bond for the lead heading into the final stages of the race. Diving onto the brakes Thompson cut to the inside at Paddock to seize the lead, demoting Bond to second as the race entered the final laps.

Gapping from Bond in second, Thompson took the chequered flag sealing a perfect weekend and claiming maximum points. Jamie Bond settling for second place had Tom Witts chase him across the line for third. 20 seconds later Simon Walton crossed the line for fourth with Tom Walker finishing fifth after a strong drive from the back of the pack. Stephen Johansen claimed the Sportsman Trophy award after finishing the race seventh.

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