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By unknown, May 28 2017 01:11PM

The sky became slightly overcast as the field lined up to tackle the 3 miles of Norwich tarmac. Bobby Thompson lined up on pole position alongside fellow Team Hard pilot, Jamie Bond. As the lights flashed off, Phil House launched off the line making the best start from the leading group. Cutting to the middle, Witts followed as they carved to the front of the pack.

Thompson led the way with House now close on his bumper exiting Wilson, Jamie Bond dropping a place off the start now sat in third. Gordon latched onto the back of Witts making his intentions clear. Getting a good run out of Williams and down Bentley straight, The JWB Scirocco took to the outside of the fully weighted Witts heading under the bridge. The outside became the inside into Nelson allowing Gordon past.

As the field entered Coram, Bond darted to the outside pulling alongside House on the edge of the grip available, before diving on the brakes and down the inside of Thompson taking the lead. The lead group compromised by the slow exit of Murrays, allowed Witts past House for fourth.

The field completed the second lap, with the Scotsman flashing up with the fastest lap of the race. The top three broke from the pack, as Witts began on the defence against the charging Scirocco of House. Exiting Wilson, House pulled to the inside and was passed before jinking into Palmer, displacing Witts to fifth. Up front Thompson had begun applying the pressure to the rear bumper of Bond, closing in down Bentley straight, the number 19 Golf took the outside, locked up and dove onto the grass before re-joining and giving Bond the position back.

Further back Walker-Tully was next in line to attack Witts and his weight laboured Scirocco, making a move through Coram displacing the championship leader to sixth. Multiple track limits infringements saw many of the front runners receive 5 second penalties before the race was up, two of which were given to race leader Jamie Bond, and third position runner Kieran Gordon. As the chequered dropped, Bobby Thompson was granted the win, with Phil House receiving second place and Jamie Bond in third.

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