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By Andrea Hurcombe, Jun 19 2018 05:15PM

After another two warm-up laps, the Team-HARD. team mates lined up at the front of the grid with Dennis Strandberg taking his pole position, Toby Davis beside him in 2nd and Jamie Bond right behind in 3rd.

As the lights went out it was a charge to Paddock Hill Bend with Davis taking first place down the hill on the outside of Strandberg, who took the place back on the inside of Druids as Bond came round the outside to claim the place. As they went three abreast into Graham Hill Bend, Davis in the middle went sideways hitting Bond from behind, pushing him onto the grass which resulted in him falling back to 3rd. Strandberg was able to scamper away in the lead.

Matthew Evans and Paul Taylor had a coming together at Surtees, resulting in Evans’ race being over. Taylor then succumbed to the gravel at notorious Paddock Hill Bend, resulting in the Safety Car being deployed. With 12 minutes to go the race got back underway with Strandberg leading the way, Simon Walton in 2nd and Jamie Bond 3rd. Josh Coggan was having a great battle with Mark Wakefield, who was able to take the place as Coggan went wide. S Walton‘s car stopped on track just after Surtees but got going again, allowing Bond and Davis to pass him.

The Power Maxed drivers didn’t have a great time during the race. In lap 1 Russell Joyce and Tony Prendergast came together at turn 4. Prendergast was unable to continue the race. With damage to the car making it difficult to drive, Joyce ended up in the gravel at Paddock Hill Bend on lap 8, resulting in another extended Safety Car period as they extracted the car. Under the Safety Car Tom Witts ran into new Team-HARD. driver Ashley Clements who spun off at Graham Hill Bend, but rejoined the race to finish in 15th place.

As the Safety Car period finally ended it was a one-lap shoot-out. Strandberg maintained his lead but the racing wasn’t finished behind him. Ruaridh Clark overtook Davis at Druids but went wide at Graham Hill bend, allowing Davis to re-take the place. Tom Walker made up a fantastic 9 places, going from 18th to 9th. Race 1 winner Chris Panayiotou finished in 5th place.

The final result: 1st Dennis Strandberg (Team HARD.) 2nd Jamie Bond (Team HARD.) 3rd Toby Davis (Team HARD.) The Hankook Trophy was awarded to Mark Wakefield (Team HARD.)

Race winner Strandberg said, "It wasn't much of a race with two extended safety car periods. I'm settling into the Team, the car is good but lacking a little bit of pace but we'll work on that. I'm very happy with the win."

Jamie Bond agreed, "That was the most boring race I've ever been in, following the safety car round. I had an interesting moment at Graham Hill Bend where I was hit from behind. I could have had the win but the safety car hindered us. The podium lockout is great for the Team. Race 1 was disappointing to be on the podium in 3rd for it to be taken away after a penalty. But 4th and 2nd in a weekend is good. Thank you to my excellent sponsors."

3rd place man Toby Davis said, "I had a good start and there was a little altercation between Dennis and Jamie at Druids where I saw an opportunity. Unfortunately I ended up sideways into Graham Hill Bend. With damage to the wheel I think the safety car probably benefited me as I may have had an issue with the tyres because of the damage. P18 to P5 in Race 1 was fantastic, which I was able to convert into a 3rd in Race 2 and back on the podium, where I belong".

*In Race 1 - Jamie Bond was issued with an 8.5 second penalty for 'driving in a manner incompatible with general safety' Ref C.1.1.5*

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