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By unknown, May 29 2017 01:07PM

The sun returned once more for the final 20 minute race of the day for the Volkswagen Racing Cup competitors. Maximum Motorsport locked out the front row with Jack Walker-Tully taking the pole position in the reverse gird, alongside championship leader Tom Witts. As the lights flashed off Witts launched from the line and found himself door to door with Walker-Tully before running around the outside of Riches and into the leading heading into Wilson.

Witts led the procession out of Murrays, behind had seen a change of position as JWB’s Kieran Gordon cut to the outside of Coram, taking the inside into Murrays and displacing Walker-Tully. Heading down the straight Walker-Tully’s bonnet began violently shaking before finally ripping loose and flying into the air. The bonnet returned to the tarmac only to be collected by the Audi TT of Simon Walton doing substantial damage to the front end of his car.

Phil House found himself behind Allumy Motorsport’s Tom Walker who was sitting in fourth position after starting ninth on the grid. House getting a good run out of Wilson ran side by side with Walker for multiple corners before finally car 77 conceded the position into Oggies. Compromised by House passing into Oggies, Wilson used his momentum to pull past down the long Bentley straight to displace Walker to sixth.

Up next to challenger Walker was the fast charging Bobby Thompson, getting the job done under braking into Agostini, before getting onto terms of Darelle Wilson’s smoke belching Scirocco, making the move before the end of the lap. As the field entered lap 8 Thompson set the fastest lap of the race charging down House in fourth. Heading towards Agostini the number 19 Golf jinked to the inside displacing house with two laps left to run.

As Witts led the field onto the final lap, the 25 year old looked comfortable to pick up his third win of the season, but Thompson was not finished on his charge through the grid. Running alongside Walker-Tully into Riches Thompson took third position around the outside, before latching onto the rear bumper of Kieran Gordon for second. Heading towards Thompson’s favourite place for displacing his fellow competitors, Bobby dove to the inside of Agostini snatching second off Gordon.

The chequered flag was ready and dropped on Tom Witts extending his championship lead with his third win of the season. Next across the line was Bobby Thompson closely followed by Kieran Gordon in third. Paul Ivens took the Sportsman Trophy honours in race two to finish the days racing. The championship heads south to Kent’s Brands Hatch GP in two months time on the 6th of August!

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