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By Andrea Hurcombe, Sep 22 2018 11:36AM

As qualifying got underway, Jamie Bond set the early pace with Mark Wakefield and Simon Walton following behind.

Martin Depper put in a fast time to claim 2nd place.

Bond set a new fastest time of 1:46.536 with Championship challengers Ruaridh Clark in 6th and Matt Wilson in 7th.

VW Racing Cup returning driver Jack Walker-Tully was getting to grips with his newly built VW Golf, running in 8th place.

With 10 minutes to go, Tom Walker jumped into pole position after a flying lap with a time of 1:43.416, Owen Walton claimed 2nd with Simon Walton in 3rd.

With 4 minutes to go O Walton was sitting in pole position , S Walton 2nd and Walker 3rd. Josh Coggan had a fantastic lap moving from 12th to 5th as Paul Taylor also made a move from 10th to 6th.

On the final lap the lap times were changing rapidly. As the chequered flag was waved, pole position was claimed by Owen Walton (1:43.077), 2nd - S Walton (1:43.217) 3rd - Walker (1:43.308)

The VAG Trophy positions are Mark Steel 1st, Simon Tomlinson 2nd.

By Andrea Hurcombe, Sep 11 2018 04:02PM

Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup - Race 1

Milltek Volkswagen Racing Cup Race 1 saw Simon Walton on pole, Jamie Bond in 2nd with his new Team-HARD team-mate Joshua Jackson in 3rd. Josh Coggan, Ruaridh Clark and Owen Walton completed the top 6 on the grid.

At the start, Bond charged straight into the lead. As the field approached Hawthorn Bend, S Walton had an incident, making contact with Jackson, which caused a domino effect with Coggan and Martin Depper. The Safety Car was deployed, quickly followed by the red flag to allow safe retrieval of S Walton and Jackson’s cars.

The grid reformed to re-start the race but unfortunately car number 9 (S Walton) and car number 101 (Jackson) were missing from the field due to damage. Josh Coggan was also not able to take the restart as he was unable to pull away on the green flag lap.

As the race got underway for the second time, Bond again led into the first corner with Ruaridh Clark charging into 2nd with Owen Walton behind. Light rain started to fall, with all drivers on slick tyres. O Walton dived up the inside of Clark to take 2nd place as Mark Wakefield had carved his way through the field from 9th on the grid to 4th. Paul Taylor and Darron Lewis were close behind.

On lap 3, O Walton was closing in on Bond at Clervaux who held off the challenge. After making a good start, Tom Walker went off at Sunny In re-joining the race safely. Bond maintained the lead, albeit with a few slippery moments particularly through the Jim Clark Esses.

With 8 minutes of the race to go, Wakefield was challenging Clark, making a valiant and successful move at the hairpin to start the next lap ahead and into the final podium position. Lewis also made a move on Taylor, putting him up to 5th place.

As the rain came down a little harder, conditions were more treacherous catching Tom Witts out at Clervaux, who ended up in the tyre barrier. Witts was uninjured and his car was safely recovered under waved yellow flags without the need for a safety car.

With 5 minutes left to race and the rain stopped, Bond opened up a gap of 3.562 seconds to O Walton, overtaking the backmarker of Simon Tomlinson. Wakefield was also closing in on O Walton, lapping 1.5 seconds faster, apparently relishing the damp conditions. Lewis had gained on a struggling for grip Clark and moved in to attack for 4th position with Taylor close behind.

On the final lap Bond had pulled a significant gap on O Walton, winning the race 7.196 seconds ahead to further extend his Championship lead. O Walton finished 2nd just 1.220 seconds ahead of Wakefield in 3rd.

O Walton posted the fastest lap of the race of 1:32.818 in his Audi TT with Maximum Motorsport’s Darron Lewis crossing the line in 5th and winning the Hankook Trophy for the first time.

No penalties were issued for this race.

Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup - Race 2

The final race of the day belonged to Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup Race 2, with Paul Taylor on pole and Darron Lewis joining him on the front row in 2nd place.

As they all raced towards the first corner Taylor maintained the lead with Lewis, Ruaridh Clark and Jamie Bond close behind. Tom Walker spun off at Clervaux, managing to control the car to re-join the back of the pack. Tony Prendergast also took a trip across the grass, re-joining the race. With Taylor running wide at Sunny In, Lewis took the lead with Bond taking 2nd place from Clark with Wakefield on a charge in 4th place.

On lap 2 Jack Depper made a brave move on Simon Tomlinson down the start/finish straight, taking the place and pulling away.

Josh Coggan paid a visit to the pits on lap 3 and was able to re-join the race. Meanwhile, Wakefield continued his charge, taking 3rd place from Clark who was defending heavily from Martin Depper.

At the start of lap 5 Bond and Wakefield were weaving their way down the straight behind Lewis with Bond and Lewis making light contact. Wakefield made a fantastic move up the inside of both Bond and Lewis at Tower to go from 3rd to 1st and pulled away from the chasing pack.

For the next few laps the trio of Bond, Lewis and M Depper were battling for the podium places. Clark re-joined the fight by lap 8. M Depper claimed 2nd place from Lewis at the hairpin at the end of the lap. Lewis was fighting back as M Depper ran wide at Sunny, dropping him back to 5th place. With Bond and Lewis now side by side having a drag race down the start/finish straight, Clark dived up the inside of Bond to take 3rd place, taking M Depper with him. Wakefield had by now pulled a 3.538 second gap from 2nd placed Lewis.

On lap 11 Joshua Jackson and Matthew Evans were having a great battle in what seemed to be equally matched cars. This battle continued for several laps.

With 4 minutes of the race to go, the battles continued. As the trio of M Depper, Bond and Clark approached the Complex, M Depper flew over the kerb making contact with Clark. Bond also sustained heavy damage to the front of his car.

As the chequered flag was readied, Wakefield took a convincing first time VW Racing Cup win. Lewis crossed the line 2nd with Bond bringing his battered number 56 car home for the final podium place. M Depper followed in 4th with Clark in 5th.

Mark Wakefield posted the fastest lap time of 1:32.572 as JWB Motorsport’s Matthew Evans crossed the line in 7th place to claim the Hankook Trophy for the first time.

Post- race, Martin Depper was disqualified for a technical infringement, with an amended classification being issued.

Please note - The results for this race remain provisional until the final round at Donington Park, whilst the Clerk of The Course undertakes a driving standards review of the incidents that took place during this race.

By Andrea Hurcombe, Aug 16 2018 07:29PM

Whilst we are waiting for the next two rounds of Milltek Sport Volkswagen Cup at Croft Circuit on 8/9 September, it’s a good time to reflect on the season so far. With only two race weekends to go, it’s all to play for to find the overall Championship Winner.

The number 8 is the magic number so far in 2018.

8 different drivers have been on the top step of the podium as race winners:

Dennis Strandberg, Toby Davis, Martin Depper, Simon Walton, Chris Panayiotou, Ruaridh Clark, Tom Walker, Matthew Wilson.

8 different drivers have been in Pole Position:

Dennis Strandberg, Tom Walker, Jamie Bond, Mark Wakefield, Simon Walton, Matthew Wilson, Ruaridh Clark, Josh Coggan.

8 different drivers have won the new Hankook Trophy:

Matthew Wilson, Ruaridh Clark, Mark Wakefield, Tim Docker, Jessica Hawkins, Josh Coggan, Callum Jenkins, Russell Joyce.

As things stand Team-HARD driver Jamie Bond is now leading the Championship, 24 points ahead of JWB Motorsport’s Matthew Wilson. Another Team-HARD driver, Toby Davis and Ruaridh Clark also with JWB Motorsport share 3rd place. However, it’s still mathematically possible for a number of other drivers to challenge for the winner’s trophy!

Mark Steel has a commanding lead over Simon Tomlinson in VAG Trophy, but Simon is eager to reclaim the lead and, ultimately, the title.

We have seen some exciting close wheel to wheel racing so far this year and expect that to continue in the last four rounds. Watch this space to see which of the drivers will be taking the Championship honours.

By Andrea Hurcombe, Aug 6 2018 03:37PM

The first race of the day ended in dramatic fashion with Tom Walker taking the race victory, his first VW Racing Cup win, with Owen Walton in 2nd and Tom Witts in 3rd.

Simon Walton started on pole position with Walker 2nd and Owen Walton and Martin Depper on the 2nd row. As the red lights went out, S Walton got a slow start dropping down the field. With a busy few corners, Depper went through to take the lead as they came out of Cascades, from 4th on the grid. Walker was close behind and by the 3rd corner he had taken the lead and started to pull away from the pack. Jamie Bond came under pressure from Witts, who overtook him continuing his move up the order.

O Walton and Walker were trading fastest lap times as the rest of the field were having battles of their own. Matthew Evans spun off at Old Hall Corner but re-joined the race, undamaged.

There was a tremendous battle for 3rd that was raging between Depper and Witts who was doing everything he could to find a way past. Contact was made as they came out of Lodge as Depper was speared off into the tyre wall, causing heavy damage to the barrier and car.

As Toby Davis and Mark Wakefield were closely racing each other the Honda Civic Type R Safety Car was deployed. Depper was transported to the Medical Centre for routine checks. An early red flag was deployed followed by the chequered flag after only 5 laps of racing. Depper’s Scirocco was recovered and repairs had to be made to the damaged barrier. The race result was declared as Walker 1st, O Walton 2nd, Witts 3rd. O Walton claimed the fastest lap with 1:52.519.

In the post-race interview Walker said, “I’d have preferred not to win under a red flag situation, but a win is a win and I’m really happy. I would have been disappointed if I’d have had to start again with a re-start after the effort I’d put in. I was a but slow off the start and I knew Depper would be quick, so I let him go but got past him quicker than I thought I would and then pulled away. The Scirocco is and exciting car to look at and to drive.”

O Walton said, “I had a difficult start. I felt that I had more straight-line speed than Depper so once I got past him I was able to manage the gap. It felt a little bit like a race on my own and was disappointed when I saw that the safety car was coming out as it would close the gaps. So, I was pleased hen I saw the chequered flag and the race ended there.”

When asked about the incident with Depper, Witts said, “I was having a good race, and, in my mind, I got the cut back and was alongside his rear wheel and had nowhere else to go. I was on the edge of the track and he came across the front of me. We will have to wait and see what happens. To go from 8th to 3rd I’m really happy and PMR and Joyce Design have done us proud”.

Simon Tomlinson claimed 1st place in the VAG Trophy with a fastest lap of 1:59.946.

Matthew Wilson was awarded the Hankook Trophy.

No penalties were issued for Round 11.

Round 12 featured the reversed grid with Mark Wakefield on pole, Matt Wilson in 2nd beside him on front row and Jamie Bond 3rd.

Martin Depper’s car was too badly damaged to repair in time for the race so he borrowed the Chris Panayiotou’s Maximum Motorsport, who was not racing this weekend.

Anticipation for a great race was high as Wilson went around the outside of Wakefield into the first corner with Witts moving up to 2nd. Witts was on the attack at Cascades, trying to find a way past Wilson as they dropped down through the left handers. Witts forced Wilson to defend into Island bend. Witts ran wide and there was a bit of contact between him and Wilson as they battled on. Wakefield was running closely behind in 3rd. Depper was making good progress 14th place. Davis was on a charge as he tried to go around the outside of Bond through the Shell hairpin, but Toby got the momentum, moving into 4th place. Towards the Hislop Chicane, there was contact between Wakefield and Witts, who ended up sideways. Wakefield just tapped the barrier coming out of Knickerbrook corner.

Bond and Davis continued with their close battle as they came together at Lodge corner with Davis spinning off the road. Ruaridh Clark had moved up to 6th place and was having a great squabble with Walker. Ethan Hammerton was racing with Depper over 10th and 11th place with new entrant for Maximum Motorsport, Darron Lewis in 12th in car 285. Lewis sadly had a mechanical issue and had to retire the car on lap 6.

Wilson drove a very clever race, defending vigorously, but fairly against Bond. The top 4 were only separated by 8 tenths of a second after 19 mins of racing. Clark went up the inside of Paul Taylor for 3rd place but Taylor was knocked sideways after contact. At Druids Bond and Wilson were side by side. With a drag race to the line, Bond won by 86 thousandths of a second over Wilson with Witts crossing the line in 3rd.

Bond was subsequently issued with a 15 second time penalty for exceeding track limits, dropping him to 9th place. Clark also received a 1 second time penalty for gaining an unfair advantage. Hammerton also received a 5 second time penalty to exceeding track limits. Therefore, the amended result saw Wilson 1st, Witts 2nd and Taylor 3rd.

Simon Tomlinson again claimed 1st place in the VAG Trophy with a fastest lap time of 1:57.060

The Hankook Trophy was won by Russell Joyce.

Jamie Bond was interviewed in parc ferme and said, “I don’t know, it is what it is, if I got track limits penalties then I have to take it on the chin. That was the best drive I’ve ever had in my life. Matt defended for his life and it was good racing. If I get penalised I get penalised. Matt drove a cracking, stellar race, he deserves it.”

Matt Wilson was told that he was actually 1st, saying, “I’m over the moon! It's my first VW Racing Cup win. I was upset that I got overtaken at the end of the race but it all came good in the end.”

Tom Witts said, “It was a hard-fought race. I went back then forward again. I used too much of my tyres too soon and bent the steering when I bumped over the kerbs. Then when Ru Clark got past me because I made a mistake I thought to myself that I must look after the tyres. But I thought I’ve just got to keep battling and I might get my chance and I did. I had to take it and pick my way thru at the chicane. Obviously, you want to do it on track, but we’ll take a 2nd place any day of the week.”

Rounds 13 & 14 will take place on 8 -9 September at Croft Circuit.

By Andrea Hurcombe, Jul 27 2018 07:00PM

Maximum Motorsport have confirmed that Tom Walker has joined the team for the remainder of the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup season.

Tom started his racing career in 2011 competing in the Formula Renault BARC Championship. He has then competed for several years in VAG Trophy and Volkswagen Racing Cup.

Having driven for Allumy Motorsport from the start of the season, Tom made the decision to return to a team that he had driven for previously to try his hand in the race-winning ex- Tim Docker Volkswagen Scirocco.

Tom said, “I’m really looking forward to being in the ‘Rocco’ and winning races. I know that the set up will be great, having raced for the team before. I’m really looking forward to getting in the car!”

Maximum Motorsport Team Boss Stewart Lines said, “I am really looking forward to seeing Tom compete in our Volkswagen Scirocco. He was very fast in a recent test in our TCR car and I’m sure that he will do well.”

Tom’s first outing in the Maximum Motorsport Scirocco will be at Oulton Park on 4th August 2018.