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By VW Cup, Sep 5 2017 02:28PM


The rain fell as the cars took to the track for their 20 minutes of qualifying, different tyre choices through-out the grid lent itself to an interesting session. The diesel Scirocco of Darelle Wilson was first to post a representative lap time briefly holding the top spot before Allumy Motorsport’s Tom Walker quickly displaced him.

Maximum Motorsport’s Tom Witts was next to head the timing screens being followed across the line by an improving Wilson, who went second fastest by a mere three tenths. Scotsman Kieran Gordon flashed past the start finish straight to put his mark on the session going third fastest before Team Hard’s Dole posted the second fastest time on his first flying lap.

A lap later Dole improved to go quickest with Gordon breaking the timing beam moments later jumping back to second, just half a tenth off pole. Seconds later Witts improved to go fastest for brief moment before the JWB Scirocco of Gordon improved once more to go provisional pole by a 7 tenths margin, running slicks on the front and wets on the rear of his car.

The positions weren’t to change as the top two both improved seeing Kieran Gordon take pole position, from Tom Witts sealing the second fastest time matching his best qualifying results so far this season. Darelle Wilson claimed the third fastest time closely followed by championship contender Jamie Bond.

Bobby Thompson unfortunately suffered car issues during qualifying meaning he will be starting the first race of the day from the back of the grid.


More rain fell setting the scene for what was to be an interesting race as the drivers took to the grid. Bobby Thompson rolled into position ahead of the red lights flashing on before quickly going off with the field racing towards turn one. A swift getaway from Wilson saw him up and past Witts into Allad with Bond charging close behind.

To the inside and past went the 56 of Bond into Campbell as the Team Hard pilot snatched third place from Witts. Further back saw Thompson beginning to pick off cars from the rear of the field as he charged through the field.

The cars streamed past the start finish straight with Thompson up to sixth as they darted through turn one once more. Dole lining up a move on teammate Bond completed the pass as the cars reappeared heading into Club at the end of lap two.

Darelle Wilson pulled the gap in on leader Gordon making a move for the lead around the fast back section of the track appearing with a decent margin to the now second place Kieran Gordon as they reappeared at Club. A few corners later, heading into the complex Witts began eyeing up a move on Gordon ahead diving to the outside as Gordon defended.

The two collided exiting Cobb resulting in the Team Hard duo of Dole and Bond passing them both, demoting the pair down two places each. A lap later third place sitter Jamie Bond slowed with mechanical issues demoting him dramatically down the order.

The field raced on with Witts managing a move on Gordon up the inside into Campbell leaving Gordon slow exiting the complex, to be easy pray for the fast charging Thompson who demoted him a place further.

Up front Dole put his head down as he closed in on Wilson for the lead setting the fastest lap of the race in the process, but all eyes were on Thompson as a move for third became imminent. Witts lead Thompson towards the complex as Thompson took a late lunge up the inside. The cars ran side by side exiting Cobb seeing Witts have a moment, dropping a wheel onto the grass and taking to the infield, allowing Thompson and Gordon past.

Up front Dole was finally close enough to make a move on Wilson. Getting a good exit from Church, Dole took to the outside under braking, getting ahead before pulling across the nose of Wilson to take the lead. Thompson, 4 seconds back began picking up the pace as he closed in Wilson for second, posting the fastest lap of the race on his way.

With little time left on the clock, Dole led the field onto the last lap with Wilson and Thompson in close pursuit behind. Defending hard Wilson went side by side with Thompson exiting the Complex and through noble seeing Thompson edge past as they entered Church.

The chequered was ready and dropped on Kenan Dole, securing his maiden win in the championship, closely followed across the line by an impressive drive from Bobby Thompson after starting from the back of the grid. Third place was claimed by Darelle Wilson after being displaced on the final rotation of the circuit.


The rain continued to fall as the field took to the circuit once more for the second reverse grid race of the day. Series points leader Tom Witts lined up on pole along alongside the grey Scirocco Kieran Gordon after completing the quick green flag lap. The gantry lit up before flashing off commencing the 20 minutes of action.

Gordon’s Scirocco juddered to a halt as he stalled off the line, cars behind scampered left and right in avoidance of the stationary vehicle. Further back in the field the Golf of Tom Walker stood motionless also having stalled off the line before they both shot off in chase of the field.

The cars raced into the complex for the first time in a blur of spray disappearing exiting Cobb. Championship protagonist Jamie Bond making the most of the dramatic start found himself in fourth position after starting on the fifth row of the grid.

The field raced on with Witts pulling a small gap back to Team Hard’s Dole, Gordon recovering from the poor start began reeling in the field setting the fastest lap of the race on his charge. A lap later Bond snatched the fastest lap from Gordon quickly pulling in the gap to the three up front.

Up front Witts began defending as the trio of Team Heard machinery closed in behind, heading towards Campbell Witts locked his brakes and ran wide into the corner demoting him down to fourth as the race continued.

The clock ticked down as Thompson began contemplating a move on teammate Dole for the lead. Heading through Church Thompson got the overlap undercutting on the inside and found himself past Dole into the braking zone of Club to take the lead.

Up in front and determined to stay there Thompson posted a new fastest lap as he began to pull a margin back to Dole. Before Dole could respond the chequered dropped seeing Thompson take the win, heading a Team Hard Racing podium lockout with Dole securing second and Bond completing the top three.

Leaving Thruxton Bobby Thompson now leads the way on the points after drop scores by a mere 5 point margin to Maximum Motorsport’s Tom Witts. With such a small points difference the championship fight will come to a conclusion in just three weeks time when the championship heads to Donington for the final round, make sure not to miss it!

By VW Cup, Aug 22 2017 07:03PM


The sun shone down on the hill of Brands Hatch as the cars took to the circuit for the 20 minute qualifying session. Kieran Gordon was first to set a time jumping to the top of the screens breifly before Team Hard’s Bobby Thompson displaced him going seven tenths quicker on his home circuit.

Next to top the session was car 56 of Jamie Bond who was the first driver to break into the 52’s, but was only to stay on top for a few corners as teammate Thompson completed his second flyer going quicker by a mere 0.010 of a second.

The time ticked down as Thompson improved on his provisional pole time increasing his lead margin to two tenths over Bond. Slidesport’s Simon Walton was next to set a representative lap time going second quickest of the session, less than a tenth of the pole time set so far.

Maximum Motorsport’s Tim Docker improved his time on his next rotation placing the white Scirocco seventh with teammate and series points leader current sitting fifth with just five minutes remaining on the clock. A flash of red and black broke the timing beam once more seeing Simon Walton take to the top of the standings displacing Thompson to second as the session started to come to a close.

Allumy’s Tom Walker picked up the pace going eighth fastest as the black smoke churning Scirocco of Darrelle Wilson also improved to sixth with little time left to play with. With a single minute left in the session a banzai lap from Bobby Thompson saw the Essex based racer secure his third pole position so far this season. Simon Walton had to settle for second fastest after not being able to respond to Thompson’s time so late in the session.

Kieran Gordon secured the third fastest time with Tom Witts putting a late time on the board placing his green Scirocco fourth on the grid for the first race. Tom Walker put in an impressive performance to qualify fifth on the grid with second place points holder Jamie Bond setting the sixth quickest time of the session.


The sun began breaking through the clouds once more as Bobby Thompson lined up on pole position for the third time this season, awaiting for the drivers behind to slot into their grid positions. The red lights lit up as the engine notes rose, before flashing off and commencing the first 20 minutes of action around the short 1.2 mile circuit.

Making a tremendous start was the grey golf of Tom Walker, who started from the third row of the grid being followed through by Darelle Wilson, who was also able to make a similar start. Taking to either side of the Scirocco of Kieran Gordon contact was made seeing Gordon spike into Wilson before shooting into the inside barrier taking Walker with him. Jamie Bond arriving at the incident had to take avoiding action from Gordon’s Scirocco as it ricocheted back onto the track.

A safety car was scrambled but the session was to be red flagged with to much debris on the circuit for the race to continue. Wilson and Bond receiving assistance to be dug out the gravel and took back to the pits before returning to the grid for the restart. The race was reduced to 15 minutes due to the delay in clearing the incident as the cars lined up to go racing once more.

Russell Joyce’s Polo was pushed to the pits with starter issues and was push started to enter the green flag lap. All lined up the cars set racing once more. Jamie Bond stalled off the line but joined the back of the field as the cars dove into Paddock Hill bend.

Gravel dust flew once more with Matthew Evans getting it all crossed up at the dip of Paddock, resulting in him ending up beached at the edge of the gravel trap. Bond exiting druids closed in on Joyce ahead pushed the Polo racer into Graham Hill bend seeing Joyce rotating on exit and stalling once more leaving his car stranded on Cooper straight.

The safety car made a second appearance once more collecting the TT of Walton who was able to snatch the lead on the restart. 10 minutes on the clock and the safety car peeled into the pits releasing the field racing again. Thompson not wasting any time undercut Walton exiting Clearways taking the lead into Paddock and also allowing the diesel Scirocco of Wilson through on the run up to Druids.

A recovering Tom Witts who had dropped a few places on the restart began applying pressure on Kenan Dole for fourth, making a move into clearways squeezing past on the inside. Up front Bobby Thompson had began getting away, posting the fastest lap of the race on his way to a maximum points finish. Teammate Jamie Bond recovering from the restart soon found himself behind the Speedworks Polo of Johansen before quickly displacing him by undercutting the polo onto the straight.

Next in line for Bond was Docker, who Bond managed to displace on the inside of clearways a lap later. Another fastest lap from Thompson pushed his lead margin to 4 second heading towards his third victory of the season. One lap remained with Witts now under large pressure from a duo of Team Hard cars behind headed by Dole.

Dole closing in on the straight, managed to get the overlap exiting Paddock on the struggling Witts who was battling damage from the first incident. Heading towards Clearways Witts found Bond on his outside thus compromising his exit and allowing Bond past heading towards Surtees.

The chequered was at the ready and dropped on Bobby Thompson claiming a dominant win with a six second margin back to Darelle Wilson settling for second. Third place was to be secured by Simon Walton with Jamie Bond taking fourth after Kenan Dole was handed a five second penalty for exceeding track limits. Tom Witts finished fifth with Maximum Motorsport teammate Tim Docker taking an impressive sixth place finish as well as the Sportsman Trophy award.


The sun reappeared for the second race of the day seeing a Maximum Motorsport front row lock out on the reverse grid with Tim Docker taking his maiden pole position along side series points leader Tom Witts in second. The lighting gantry lit up before flashing off as the field rushed into turn one with everyone getting a fairly even getaway.

Tom Witts took to the outside of Docker as Jamie Bond cut to the inside getting cleanly past and demoting Docker down the order. The cars raced around Druids seeing Docker take to the outside allowing Dole, Thompon and Wilson by before dropping back down into Graham hill bend.

As the cars broke the timing beam Jamie Bond lined up a run on leader Tom Witts and made it stick down the inside of Paddock before racing on into Druids. Further back saw a change in position with Thompson taking no time to displace Wilson exiting Graham hill for fourth position.

Jamie Bond came around once more setting the fastest lap of the race seemingly getting away from the pack before Thompson crossed the line with a new purple lap. A few laps later Dole found his mirrors full of the Golf of Thompson who had pulled in the gap and was looking for a way to get past his teammate.

Getting a run through Paddock, Thompson took to the inside and past Dole at Druids as Dole slowed with an unfortunate puncture. Thompson soon had his eyes set on the rear bumper of Witts ahead for second place, closing in fast Bobby took to the inside at Paddock under braking and was past on the run up to Druids demoting Witts to third.

Further down the order Tom Walker found himself behind Tim Docker after starting from the seventh row on the grid, quickly displacing him pushing forward trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Next on the rear bumper of Docker was the father son duo of TT’s with Simon making a move around the outside of Druids to snatch the position off Docker.

Back at the front Thompson had closed in on Bond for the lead heading into the final stages of the race. Diving onto the brakes Thompson cut to the inside at Paddock to seize the lead, demoting Bond to second as the race entered the final laps.

Gapping from Bond in second, Thompson took the chequered flag sealing a perfect weekend and claiming maximum points. Jamie Bond settling for second place had Tom Witts chase him across the line for third. 20 seconds later Simon Walton crossed the line for fourth with Tom Walker finishing fifth after a strong drive from the back of the pack. Stephen Johansen claimed the Sportsman Trophy award after finishing the race seventh.

By VW Cup, Aug 7 2017 07:36PM


A dry and sunny open to the day set the scene for the qualifying session around the 2.61 miles of the Brands GP loop. The lights went green and allowed the stream of cars onto the circuit, Team Hard’s Jamie Bond was the first of the runners to post the a representative lap time throwing down the benchmark for the other competitors. Next across the line came two JWB Sciroccos in the form of Phil House and Kieran Gordon slotting right under Bond in P2 and P3. Bobby Thompson flashed up onto the screen with two green sectors and a purple to briefly go to the top of the table to only be displaced by Bond on his second rotation.

Kent’s Kenan Dole was next to put his mark on the session slotting into P3 whilst the polo of Johansen jumped to sixth in the standings posting the fastest Sportsman Trophy driver time so far in the session. Gravel dust flew into the air as Toby Davis gets it wrong exiting Surtees and finds himself stranded, bringing out the safety car to bring the session to a slower pace. With little time on the clock the safety car peeled into the pits with just two laps available for the drivers to go quicker.

Championship leader Tom Witts jumped up the timing screen to go sixth fastest whilst fighting the 60kg success ballast, but immediately gets pushed down the order as a gaggle of cars finish the session with their fastest times. As the chequered flag dropped Jamie Bond sat on provisional pole waiting for others to cross the line, Bobby Thompson breaks the beam to go second fastest, only half a tenth separating the top two. Kieran Gordon wasn’t to improve but had done enough to secure third on the grid.

A late lap from Simon Walton placed him the highest Sportsman Trophy drivers in fourth, with Kenan Dole not improving had secured fifth on the grid for race one. Tim Docker threw down an impressive late time to place sixth ahead of returning champion Phil House and Tom Witts in seventh and eighth.


The grid lined up on the Sunny Brands Hatch start finish straight with a Team Hard front row lockout. Lights out and an even start saw the field rocket towards turn one, contact from House on the rear of Docker assists the Scirocco into a slide down Paddock Hill bend as cars began darting in all directions in avoidance. Docker slid across the track as Paul Ivens took to the right and clipped the rear of the spinning Scirocco spiking Ivens into the air before widly rolling multiple times and finally coming to a rest on his roof. The polo of Stephan Johansen also an innocent party being caught up in the incident after running side by side with Ivens before leaving the circuit, collecting Docker and ending up in the tyre wall after a hefty impact.

The race came to an immediate stop with red flag conditions as the medical teams attended to the drivers. Paul Ivens was removed from the car and stretched off, before later being taken to the Hospital for checks. The cars returned to the grid as the marshals and medical teams worked to clear the incident. The other drivers involved were taken to the medical centre for check ups to assure their well being. With the race length shortened to ten minutes, the cars set off on their second green flag lap.

The sun continued to shine as the cars returned to the grid to restart the race, the lights flashed off and the racing resumed. JWB’s Kieran Gordon relishing the restart took no time to displace Thompson for second, but Thompson quick to retaliate repaid the favour by slipping up the inside of the Scotsman at Sheen Curve.

Next to make a move was championship points leader Tom Witts who forced Dole to defend into Clearways allowing the white and green Scirocco to undercut on exit and pull alongside down the straight to snatch the position. Heading up to druids House found himself defending on the inside to fend of the charging Golf of Toby Davis. Shooting to the outside Davis tried his luck and pulled it off whilst House found himself boxed in behind Dole.

Further up the grid Simon Walton lined up a run down the back straight on third place sitter Kieran Gordon, using the slipstream and the momentum exiting the turn, the Audi pulled alongside and past before the breaking zone of Hawthorns Bend. Jamie Bond up front began pulling a lead over teammate Bobby Thompson in second as the cars flashed through the timing beam once more.

Dole ran wide exiting Graham hill bend allowing House past up to seventh place, as the two front runners began trading purpler sectors chasing around the track. No further changes saw the field take the chequered flag with Jamie Bond sealing the win followed across the line by Bobby Thompson in second and Simon Walton in third. Russell Joyce claimed the Sportsman Trophy award after charging through the field from P16 to P11.


As the sun lowered in the sky the drivers took to the grid for the second reverse grid race, seeing Team Hard’s Kenan Dole lined up on pole position with teammate Toby Davis for company on the front row. Witts lined up behind on the second row of the grid along side the grey Scirocco of Kieran Gordon. A few cars were missing from the line up due to the race one incident, seeing Stephen Johansen, Tim Docker and Paul Ivens understandably not making it to the grid. Jack Walker-Tully also unfortunately retired from the remainder of the weekend due to mechanical issues.

With the green flag lap completed the cars lined up on the grid before shortly being released racing once more. Dole lead the field off the line and into paddock hill bend, Gordon getting a quick getaway made the most of his momentum, overtaking Witts for third around the outside of Paddock before shooting up hill towards druids. Davis challenging for the lead around the outside gets knocked by Gordon on the rear pushing them both wide and demoting Davis down to third.

The cars quickly disappeared in-between the trees before returning through the Clark Curve and onto the straight, Darelle Wilson having started in eighth had made up three places by the end of the first rotation. Russell Joyce entered the pits after the first lap having started in eleventh on the grid, to unfortunately retire with mechanical issues. A lap went by with Witts closing in on Davis for third, pulling along side, Witts managed to go around the outside of Davis at the Hawthorns Bend before latched onto the back of Gordon ahead.

Having a bad start, Bobby Thompson began his charge back through the field setting the fastest lap of the race so far whilst closing in teammate bond in sixth. At the front Witts began eyeing a move on second place sitter Kieran Gordon, forcing Gordon to defend, Witts cut to the inside exiting Westfields before pulling alongside heading towards Dingle Dell before securing the move. Off line from being overtaken, Gordon found Davis up the inside and past before the completion of the lap, demoting him down to fourth from second.

Pushing hard Davis’ driver side door flew open due to previous contact forcing him to pit and retire from the race whilst sitting third on track. Back up front, Witts had taken no time to pull in leader Dole to start contemplating a move, with the fast charging Thompson looming large after passing Wilson behind for fifth position. Witts closing in cuts to the inside at Dingle Dell and claims the lead demoting Dole to second place before the gaggle raced onto another lap. Bond slides wide through Paddock hill allowing Thompson to inherit the position.

The top four separated by less than a second bunched together, with Kieran Gordon pouncing up the inside of Dole which in turn allowed Thompson through before the gaggle broke the timing beam once more. Heading up to druids, Dole dove to the inside to regain one of the lost places to displace Thompson back to fourth place. The cars briefly disappeared around the GP loop before reappearing with Bond having made the move on Dole on the final lap, before the chequered dropped on Tom Witts for his fourth win of the season, followed across the line by Kieran Gordon in second and Jamie Bond in third. Matthew Evans collected the Sportman Trophy honours after finishing the race in eleventh place.

By VW Cup, Jun 19 2017 03:07PM

As the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup takes a two month intermission over the Summer, teams and drivers are already gearing up for the remainder of the season. So far this year we’ve seen three different drivers taking a victory, as well as eight different drivers gracing the podium after six races completed out of the 14.

Tom Witts leads the way on the points for Maximum Motorsport after claiming a race win at every event so far this season, only dropping off the podium twice in his green Scirocco. Returning Triple champion Phil House currently sits second in the standings with three podiums and many consistent top five finishes, but is yet to jump a step higher to snatch a win this year.

Sitting third in the standings is Team Hard pilot Jamie Bond, just 32 points behind the championship leader. Jamie’s first full season in the championship has seen the 23 year old take a trio of third places and is rarely seen out of the top ten at any track. Jamie will be one to watch for the remainder of the season, as he has shown that he is a more than capable driver.

Fourth in the standings sits Scottish racer Kieran Gordon for JWB motorsport, Kieran making the switch to the Scirocco late last season seemingly revelling the change in car by acquiring a duo of third place finishes so far this year as well as multiple points finishes.

Bobby Thompson recovering from two tough races at different venues so far this season, sits fifth in the standings after claiming two race wins and a podium. Thompson also claimed more points than any other competitor from the previous round at Snetterton, showing his intentions for the remainder of the year.

With four different venues and eight races remaining, it’s all still very much to play for in the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup. Time will tell to see which lucky three drivers will be claiming the British Touring Car Championship test courtesy of Maximum Motorsport, and who will be taking championship honours.

By VW Cup, May 29 2017 01:07PM

The sun returned once more for the final 20 minute race of the day for the Volkswagen Racing Cup competitors. Maximum Motorsport locked out the front row with Jack Walker-Tully taking the pole position in the reverse gird, alongside championship leader Tom Witts. As the lights flashed off Witts launched from the line and found himself door to door with Walker-Tully before running around the outside of Riches and into the leading heading into Wilson.

Witts led the procession out of Murrays, behind had seen a change of position as JWB’s Kieran Gordon cut to the outside of Coram, taking the inside into Murrays and displacing Walker-Tully. Heading down the straight Walker-Tully’s bonnet began violently shaking before finally ripping loose and flying into the air. The bonnet returned to the tarmac only to be collected by the Audi TT of Simon Walton doing substantial damage to the front end of his car.

Phil House found himself behind Allumy Motorsport’s Tom Walker who was sitting in fourth position after starting ninth on the grid. House getting a good run out of Wilson ran side by side with Walker for multiple corners before finally car 77 conceded the position into Oggies. Compromised by House passing into Oggies, Wilson used his momentum to pull past down the long Bentley straight to displace Walker to sixth.

Up next to challenger Walker was the fast charging Bobby Thompson, getting the job done under braking into Agostini, before getting onto terms of Darelle Wilson’s smoke belching Scirocco, making the move before the end of the lap. As the field entered lap 8 Thompson set the fastest lap of the race charging down House in fourth. Heading towards Agostini the number 19 Golf jinked to the inside displacing house with two laps left to run.

As Witts led the field onto the final lap, the 25 year old looked comfortable to pick up his third win of the season, but Thompson was not finished on his charge through the grid. Running alongside Walker-Tully into Riches Thompson took third position around the outside, before latching onto the rear bumper of Kieran Gordon for second. Heading towards Thompson’s favourite place for displacing his fellow competitors, Bobby dove to the inside of Agostini snatching second off Gordon.

The chequered flag was ready and dropped on Tom Witts extending his championship lead with his third win of the season. Next across the line was Bobby Thompson closely followed by Kieran Gordon in third. Paul Ivens took the Sportsman Trophy honours in race two to finish the days racing. The championship heads south to Kent’s Brands Hatch GP in two months time on the 6th of August!