Depper’s Dominate Extended Brands Hatch Final Race

It would be Jack Depper claiming his second win of the weekend, his fourth of the season, to extend his Maximum Networks Volkswagen Racing Cup championship lead to 29 points. His day was made all the more special as his father Martin Depper followed him home for a family one-two.

For the younger Depper it was the longest race he’s ever competed in, having exclusively competed in short race series throughout his career. While 25 minutes is not an extreme change to the usual 20 minute events, it required all the drivers to watch their tyres, with the experienced head of Martin Depper unsurprisingly closing in to Jack in the latter laps.

From pole, Martin Depper was quick to establish his lead, even managing to put the BMW 1 Series of Daniel Wylie from the TCT in between himself and the class competitors behind. This left both Jack Depper and Olly Turner to vie over second place during the opening laps.

The tense rivalry between the two saw them push their Volkswagen’s to the limit, with Turner coming off worse as he spun into Paddock Hill bend, beaching himself in the gravel. He would need marshal help to re-join the circuit, coming back into the race a few laps down on the pack.

Every point matters though, with Turner returning to finish the race and pick up the 10 points he could get for fourth. Meanwhile up front, Jack made his intensions clear, moving past Martin and attempting to build a gap.

After a second safety car, due to Wylie stopping on track, Jack remained ahead of Martin, though unlike the first half of the race, could not pull away, with father shadowing son throughout. Finishing third for the third time this weekend would be Jeff Alden. Finishing third in every race-bar-one this year, Alden remains second in the standings, holding onto the position despite picking up damage to his rear-bumper.

A cheery Jack Depper, wearing a shirt that read ‘Full Send’ spoke after the race, saying;

“I was reeling him [Martin Depper] in, reeling him in and although it says ‘full send’ thought I’d wait until I was right on his bumper, wait for the corner and then chuck it on the inside, job done! Martin should start charging me for lessons if I keep beating him.

It was a superb race, kept it in one piece and there’s not much more you can really ask for. Especially after last race coming from a spin, you can’t let it affect your confidence.”

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