Our 2020 Championship Race Suit Parner is HRX.

HRX, back together with VW CUP for 2020, doesn’t that sound exciting. We at HRX are proud to be able to offer an extension to our partnership with VW CUP, providing the safest and highest quality racing garments, customised especially for you and tailor made here in Italy

All suits are manufactured by HRX in Turin and comply with the MSA and FIA regulations.

HRX and VW CUP have chosen two options:

ZERO race suits (as last years) with CRU underwear: This combination is generally chosen by the top teams and the best drivers. The ZERO suit is one of the lightest FIA race suits in the world with excellent movement and breathability. The CRU underwear is our top level, exceptionally breathable Nomex with carbon weave for additional cooling properties.

RACER race suits with RACER underwear: This is our bread and butter combination for the majority of racers. The Racer suit is a little heavier than the ZERO but is more resilient for constant use and at a convenient price point. This is usually combined with our Racer underwear which is our standard high quality Nomex.

To order:

Contact: Callum McDougall.

Telephone: 07887 514548


HRX have previously supplied suits in all level of Motorsport and were the proud suit suppliers to current Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship Winner Ash Sutton.

2020 Championship Logo Placement

All 2020 Racesuits must display the following logos in their displayed positions: Volkswagen Racing, Maximum Networks, Hankook.

Suits are to be either embroidered upon manufacture or have badges sewn on prior to the opening round.


Embroidery Files