Power testing At AMD TUNING

All cars require a power test in order to compete in the Volkswagen Racing Cup

AMD Tuning is the sole provider of the power testing facility this year.

It is a requirement of our championship that all cars are power tested before the start of the season, or before the first round entered. It’s also a case that if an engine has been rebuilt or a new unit fitted, it will also require power testing and sealing before racing can commence.

AMD’s Dimtech Dyno rolling road caters for 2WD and 4WD cars. Suspension should be set such that the driven wheels are as upright and parallel as is practical. Ride height should be sufficiently high to avoid fouling on the rolling road.

AMD has asked that Wet tyres are fitted.

Please remember, it’s the competitor’s responsibility to arrange this test, the cost of which is included within the championship registration fee.



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