All cars require a power test to take part in the VW Racing Cup.

Speed Ministry Power Testing

All testing will take place at their state of the art facility based within the grounds of the historic Mallory Park Race Circuit in Leicestershire.

At the facility, all tests will be conducted on their in-house MAHA MSR-500/2 4wd dyno, which has the 2 single roller design and is lowered into the floor to make low cars a breeze to run and strap down.

The room is also designed with one single large capacity fan in a sealed dyno cell, this fan creates a venturi affect via 2 calculated positioned holes which sit in front of the car, so all the tests are repeatable with everything fixed into place.

Phil will be available for the tests throughout the year to monitor and ensure a fair and controlled playing field for all competitors all year long, Phil has years of experience with tuning OEM ECU setups and especially the VAG TFSI and TSI platforms, holding various performance records across a multitude of engine setups.



Units 1-5 Mallory Park Race Circuit,
Kirkby Mallory, LE9 7QE, United Kingdom


0116 216 5112


Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm